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In the application of our services, we make available the significant experiences we have gained from important companies operating in diversified sectors of different complexity.

Private Equity &
Venture Capital

A constantly evolving regulatory and fiscal landscape, a fluctuating global economy, increased competition, and growing demand for transparency have made us a point of reference for the world’s leading investment funds that rely on HinX for investment protection with efficient risk analysis models.


For the insurance market, we followed a detailed investigation on behalf of the financial administration of a sovereign government within the EU, intercepting a complex international fraud and identifying the flaws in the regulatory and authorization system. A success made possible by our risk analysis, third-party screening and asset tracing programs, particularly appreciated by major international players.

Banking, Financial Services &
Asset Management

Whether it is a fraud, a potential transaction, or an M&A operation, HinX’s experience in identifying and mitigating allows also to customers operating in banking and financial services to make targeted operational, regulatory and social decisions.

& Biotech

With our ability to build customized and scalable protection and monitoring models, even the largest international groups in healthcare, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries rely on HinX for the integrity of their business.

Legal & Tax

For years HinX has been supporting both national and international major law firms, in multi-million dollars deals and complex disputes. Our expertise in investigation, forensic accounting, asset identification and counterparty analysis enabled our clients to solve the most complicated cases and make the best decisions.

Luxury & Retail

The luxury and retail industry are the first industries in which HinX has worked and gained unparalleled experience. The world’s leading brands entrust us with the management of their operational, reputational, but also political and social risks. Our due diligence services identify potential partners, issues and monitor brand reputation creating a real competitive advantage.

Telecom, Chemicals,
Utilities & Resources

Hinx praises the discovery of the largest fraud ever made in the world against a company in the oil & gas sector (1.2billions). A project that has made the organization more efficient and more performing in future investments.

Real Estate

HinX is specialized in advisory services in Real Estate, assisting its customers in risk management and in the preparation of effective risk mitigation solutions with a particular regard to the implementation of anti-corruption and AML programs.

Sport Industries

HinX is the only company in Italy that developed innovative and integrated compliance and evaluation services used by numerous professional sports clubs. Our multidisciplinary team deals with the analysis of transfer market operations of athletes, supervising relations with third parties and with the board of companies, identifying the risk of not being compliant with the obligations of the involved committees.

Turn risks into opportunities,
let them be valuable resources in the decision-making process.

Turn risks into opportunities,
let them be valuable resources in the
decision-making process.

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